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Muntin, Rail and Stile repairs
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My apologies but we cannot accept new orders for muntin and components at this time posted 5/24/21

The most frequent and simplest repair is to the glazing bar between the rabbets or rebates. By removing the damaged glazing bar and gluing a new glazing bar onto the back of the profile. Use exterior grade wood glue and tape to hold for several hours and you have a restored muntin. Definition of Muntin

Many rot and damage repairs to rails and stiles can be made with restoration epoxies such as Abatron rather than replacing. You can also do a wood repair also know as a Dutchman. When the damage is too great then component replacement is indicated.

OWR offers muntin, rails and stile stock molded to match your wood windows. Muntin profiles are made from straight grain Pine. Muntin and rails are of straight grain select pine and run $4.00-5.00 per foot. (other materials used on request). We have a number of period styles typical in New England and other parts of the country(see graphic) but can make custom custom cutters for a fee of $25 per profile. There is a minimum order of $25. There is a milling setup fee of $25 as there are many variations in similar profiles. We have over 80 individual cutters. If you need a small amount you may get lucky as we have a few short runs that are in stock.

The stock will come milled as shown in the graphic below. You can cut to size and cope to mate with rail, stile or muntin. (How to repair videos) Tools needed is a coping saw with very fine blade. More teeth per inch the better.

How to measure for muntin stock:
    Sending me a sample of the muntin to be replaced is the best and preferred method to replicate your muntin style.
    If that is not possible
      1. Measure the width of the muntin at the center.
      2. Measure the total thickness of the muntin. *Should equal the thickness of the sash.
      3. Measure the height from the top of the profile to the glass.
      4. Take pictures from different angles

    For more information call 603-344-1024 or email me.

    Note: Sometimes people confuse girds and grill for modern double pane windows with muntins. Muntins are only for tru divided light windows.
    If you are looking for replacement grills or grids for double pane modern windows, do a search for window grids or grills. There are a number of companies that make to order. One such company is BigBlueWindow.com

Example of muntin bar repair.

Samples of Profiles: More styles

muntin profiles
While many appear similar there are lots of variations in height, width and depth. Best way to get a perfect match is to mail a sample to me. See contact page.