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Dust Free Paint Scraping with the ProScraper SOLD OUT

The "Best" paint scraper with integral vacuum pickup.
Greatly reduces the hazards and mess of paint scraping.
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The 'ProScraper' Paint scraper with vacuum attachment is a comfortable and efficient tool that attaches to any vacuum. Dust and chips are sucked away through the hollow core as you scrape paint, varnish, and other substances. It utilizes a long lasting tungsten carbide blade. Note: when scraping paint that may contain lead you should use a HEPA type vacuum for safety reasons. This is an approved method of dry scraping under the EPA RRP guidlelines when used with a HEPA vacuum.

Use the 'ProScraper' and avoid breathing harmful dust. Comfortable and easy to use, and it will save you time and keep the workplace clean. Simply connect the hollow scraper to your HEPA vacuum and enjoy dust free scraping.

Designed originally for the marine industry the 'ProScraper' has many uses in the building and D.I.Y. trade such as scraping window sash, sills, jambs and trim.

Manufactured of heat resistant engineered nylon, the 'ProScraper' can be used with a heat gun on lower temperatures. Durable and lightweight, the 'ProScraper' will withstand the toughest environments.

Notice the absence of dust or paint chips on the work surface or catch tray in this demo.

Comes with scraper handle, 1 blade
and 1 1/4" rubber vacuum adapter.

Proscraper Replacement Blades
pack of 2 long lasting carbide blades

No additional shipping charge
when purchased with the Proscraper.
$29.95 $24.95 per set - Shipping included