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.Olde Window Restorers Customer Comments

Just wanted to express my gratitude for the beautiful restoration job that you did on all of my windows.  I just love them.  You are a superior craftsmen and you can tell in the pains taking detail that you give to each of the windows.  Thank you so much.

"This is my first summer with all of the windows back in place and all weather stripped and insulated and I had a nice surprise yesterday from PSNH.  I am on a level payment plan year round and August is when they adjust the rate. My electric bill,before window restoration, was $138/ month and it is NOW $80/month.  It was slowly dropping as you restored the windows, and did the other insulating, but I am sure that the restored windows are a huge contributing facto.  Feel free to use this information if you think it would be helpful in having people see how easy it is to re-coup their money on the restoration process."

From a homeowner whose windows were restored in 2005-2006:
I never thought that my old windows could ever look so nice and work so easily. The house is warmer and I am very happy with the job you did.

I just love my restored windows, they work and look wonderful. I will spread the word about your quality work.

I did not think you would be able to restore my old window sash but they look like new. Thank you for a job well done.