Restoration and Repair of Vintage and Historic windows and doors

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Restoration & Repair

People live in their vintage or antique home for many years and never know what it's like for the windows to work properly. You don't have to put up with drafty, rattling, and just not working windows.

Many original windows have been replaced because owners felt there was no alternative to replacement. I am pleased to say you can have your windows restored to better than original working condition and preserve the aesthetic look of your vintage or antique home and improve energy efficiency

In addition to basic mechanical refurbishment, OWR provides complete structural and cosmetic restoration. We use antique wavy glass where appropriate to preserve the historic quality of the windows. Your windows have lasted for decades and with proper maintenance they can last for many more.

Restoration includes: Removal of window sash, stripping of old paint and putty, repair of any damage by replacment parts or wood grade epoxy, prime, reglaze, and final paint Window frame is stripped of old paint, parting beads replaced as needed, sills repaired and painted.. . Restoration examples

Repair of rotted window sash and sill are accomplished with state of the art wood reconstruction epoxy. Severely damaged sections can be replaced with new wood. Only the most severely deteriorated windows are candidates for replacement.

To improve energy efficiciency OWR uses contemporary weather stripping solutions that provide a weather seal around the perimeter of the window.. Once applied the window will be draft and rattle free.

Some older windows  have no balance system or way to hold the window open (1700's - mid 1800s). The only way to keep these open is to place an object such as a stick under the sash. Sound familiar? We can convert these windows to an invisible balance system mounted in the edge of the sash. Your window that will work smoothly and hold the window in place without danger of falling. 

For rope and pulley style windows, a  constant force spring balance can be installed. It mounts similar to the traditional rope pulley but uses a steel tape attached to a precision spring mechanism matched to the sash weight. To enhance energy efficiency, the weight pockets are filled with insulation.

Window restore consists of 3 general categories:

  • Mechanical Restoration
  • Structural Restoration
  • Cosmetic Restoration
  • OWR strives to restore each window as close to original as possible. So if you are looking for a window fix then search no further.

    Once your windows are restored to their proper operation and condition, minor routine maintenance will keep them working and looking great for many more years.

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