Restoration and repair of wood windows
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Mechanical Restoration

Mechanical restoration of your window results in a window that exceeds the window’s original ease of use and energy efficiency.
    First, the window is disassembled allowing access to all window components.
    Sash cords are replaced with sash rope or copper chain. Chain is historically correct as often seen in larger buildings and churches. Chain is no noisier than rope and its patina will darken and blend into the original woodwork within a few months.
    Pulleys are lubricated or, if broken, replaced.
    The sliding edges of the sash are scraped of paint build-up and lubricated to provide ease of movement.
    The parting bead (a small strip of wood that separates the upper sash from the lower sash)
    is removed. This strip may be replaced with stained or painted wood.
    Locks are realigned for proper function or, if broken or missing, replaced with the lock of your choice. When correctly aligned, a lock will pull the meeting rails (middle) of the top and bottom sashes together, while pushing the top up and the bottom down.
    Cracks in the woodwork or frame are caulked or epoxied.
    Spring Bronze weather-stipping is installed on the frame of the window. These metal strips are historically correct and offer the best energy efficient solution while increasing the ease of use for wooden windows. The weatherstrip is installed along the length of the sash area that meets the frame when each sash is completely closed. When the window is closed the weatherstrip is almost completely hidden. The weather-stipping eliminates the side-to-side rattle of the windows thus providing a smoother gliding surface as it operates.
    Finally, after cosmetic restoration of the sashes is complete, the window components are re-assembled. The stops (vertical strips of wood trim that hold the window in the frame) are re-aligned.
The result is a restored wooden window that will last for generations to come with simple maintenance.
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